Three Effective Tips To Pack And Load Three Unique Items

Some items are indispensable and make a prominent place in every home. You embellish your home with classy furniture and other decorative showpieces. With other household items that are required for daily need, there are some electronic appliances one cannot live without. While purchasing them, you may not realize how fragile those objects can be, if they are not used carefully. Although the electronic items are larger in size, they are delicate equipment which need extra care when you operate. To name a few, computer, refrigerator and washing machine are the vital appliances used at every home. Your daily care toward these appliances is a far cry from the special care and considerations needed for these electronic appliances when you move.

On one hand, moving in a new abode unleashes a wave of excitement in you and your family members. Changing the address online is easy, on the other hand, worries of transporting the household items safely dwell in your mind. The tension escalates when it comes to load and unload those delicate electronic appliances in the truck and shift them at their destination. Transporting those fragile, oversize objects may be cumbersome for many people. But, a proper packing for the unique household appliances can ease your worries to an extent.

The daunting task of moving from one location to another is transporting your household goods. Anxieties about your pricey stuff and appliances constantly spin your mind. Every minute of the moving day is spent in stress. By applying some useful ways in your packing stuff, you can stave off your appliances from getting damaged. In the article, have an overview of three unique items and the points to bear in mind during packing and loading before you move.

1) To start with, Computer:

With countless personal information, files and folders, photos and other data saved in your computer, you need to take special attention when packing the computer for your relocation. Before you start packing, you need to get vital things done for a safe move. Have a secured move of items with the following points mentioned below.

  • Insurance: Mishaps can strike at any time with no warning signal in advance. It is better to have insurance for all the fragile items and appliances before you set them out for moving.
  • Keep Aside The Cable Wires: Take out the cable wires before you place them in a box. Have pictures of your computer along with the cable wires attached to computer. This will help you connect the cable wires properly back again in your new home.
  •  The Right Way To Pack Your Computer:
    • Get the necessary packing materials and packing supplies at first.
    • For an extra protection, give a bubble wrap to your laptop or a desktop computer.
    • Place the smashed packing papers in the surrounding of the box. Now, you can put the computer inside the box.
    • Do not let a scratch mark or any damage happen on the monitor. Hence, using bubble wrap to the screen is the right decision. Apply tape on the wrapped monitor for a secured packing.
    • Use the rest of the crumpled papers to cover the empty space in the box. After keeping the computer inside the box, now put another layer of crumpled paper on top of the computer in order to place the monitor. Wrap the cable wire, keyboard and mouse separately and place them on the sides of the box.
    • In the same manner, you can pack the printer and scanner.

2) Follows the next is the Refrigerator:

One of the heavy appliances of your home is the refrigerator. To grab a bottle of soft drink or to snack on a midnight hunger craving, your refrigerator gave you the best service in every possible way. How can you leave the vital appliance in your old home? You do not need a pro to pack your refrigerator, as it takes hardly any time to pack it. You need to focus your time in cleaning and loading, rather than in packing the refrigerator. Read further to know how you can move your refrigerator at your new residence in a convenient manner.

  • The Cleaning Part:
    •  Before you start cleaning, keep in mind to disconnect the electric connection of the refrigerator. Unplug and let the refrigerator defrost for overnight.
    •  Take out the shelves and keep them aside.
    • Empty and clean the doors and every place inside and outside the refrigerator.

  •  Collect And Pack The Supplies
    • The right packing supplies will safeguard the appliance from getting mutilated. Some of the supplies you need are packing tape, rope, markers, labels or stickers, towels, plain paper and a moving dolly.
    • The shelves you have set aside need to be properly packed with towels and moving blankets.
    • Tie up the doors of the refrigerator tightly with the help of strong ropes.
    • Use furniture pads to prevent scratch marks on any sides of the refrigerator.

  • Loading The Refrigerator: The prominent part of moving a refrigerator is the process of loading.
    • Whenever you load or unload your refrigerator or any other heavy appliances, they should be safely loaded in the moving container before placing them in the dolly.
    • When the appliance gets properly loaded in the moving container, the next step should be to place it in the dolly.
    • When you lift the refrigerator at the time of load and unload, you should be cautious to place it in the upright position.
    • Collect information on the loading process before you load in the truck. Having the necessary information on the loading methods can make the loading of the refrigerator easy.

3) The next important and widely used appliance is Washing machine:

To save time and energy, washing clothes in the washing machine has made the cleaning process convenient. But, when the thought of shifting the washing machine in your new residence comes up to your mind, tension fills the entire room. Shifting large and heavy appliances is not a piece of work. A proper planning is needed before transporting those heavy appliances into the truck. Read through the simple steps mentioned below.

There are some appliances which require an additional attention when you relocate. Just like the refrigerator, a washing machine is an appliance which takes less time in packing; but it takes more time in loading the thing in the rented truck. Before you lift such heavy appliances, you need to have a detail idea on the loading and packing process.

  •   Basic Points:
    • Do not send your washing machine for packing immediately. Clean your washing machine by using white vinegar or bleach. After the washing is over, keep the lid open for few hours.
    • Ensure to turn off the knobs of the valves of the water connection.
    •  Switch the power off and unplug the machine.
  • Pack It Well: Apply tapes on the lids and cords of the washer. Use paper padding or moving blankets to wrap the machine. Wrapping a washing machine with paper padding leaves no scratch marks, if mishandled during the move. Remove the accessories, fittings and put them in a box.  Stuff clothes at the sides of the tub. Wrap the outside of the tub with towels. To prevent the washer door falling off during the move, make use of strapping tape. To cover the exterior part of the dryer, apply packing blankets.
  • Load Carefully: Dolly is the apt tool to place the washing machine. For the security of your appliance, place it on to the trailer and then fasten it with a strong rope. Always be mindful to place the washing machine in the upright position. The exterior surface of the machine can get destroyed if it is leaned against the wall of the truck.

These tips will help you transport your unique appliances with ease. Do not forget to read how to change address at USPS for free and not fell pray to some scam and lose $$.

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