15 Useful Tips To Pack And Load A Moving Truck

When the days of your move come near, piles of things get added in your countdown list. You have a list of items ready to transport in your new home. What would be the medium of transportation? If you have less household stuff for your move, then you can drive your personal vehicle. Depending on the items to move to your new residence, you can think on the type of moving truck for your shifting.

You can ask for the moving truck to the people you interact, you can hunt in the nearby places or the convenient way is to browse through the details of a moving truck from websites. A number of websites cater information on the moving companies who provide moving trucks to their customers. You can hire a moving company and get the shifting process done. If you are pressed on money, then you can hire a moving truck and pack and load the items and other appliances by yourself. Having the knowledge of loading the items in a moving truck is beneficial for your relocation. If needed, you can instruct the laborers the right way to pack and load the items in a moving truck. In this article, you will get an idea on the proper ways to pack and load a moving truck.

The busy days of making a long list of items and other to-do lists have come to an end. You are all set with your packing boxes to shift in your new home. The cumbersome task of sorting and packing the boxes makes you feel relax for some time. But, the major part of loading the items in the moving truck is yet to be done. As soon as the rented truck arrives at your gate, do not rush to load the stuff. Always remember to be organized in order to have a convenient move.

Packing Tips Before You Load –

Before you ask your helpers to start loading in the rented truck, you need to check whether all the packing items are rightly packed. Have sufficient time in your hand to recheck the packed and unpacked items. Have a glimpse on some of the basic points of packing your items in an appropriate manner.   To make the boxes travel to its destination in a secured way, run your eyes through the boxes.

  • Is the packing correctly done? For the unboxed items, cover them up in furniture pads or paper padding.
  • Safeguard your upholstered furniture from soil. Wrap them up with furniture pads.
  • Your pricey and decorative large-framed painting frames, the sleek-designed and ivory-white marble tops need extra cover and they should be taken care from getting scratched or damaged. When you wrap them, make use of paper padding or furniture pads in oodles.
  • Furniture that can be disassembled such as bed frames, dining tables, center tables, etc should be packed separately.
  • Roll the legs of furniture and cover them with large rugs.
  • Make sure to remove the screws, hardware parts from furniture and appliances. Put them in a plastic cover, seal it and place it in a separate box to get them handy when you need to fix them back in their right places.
  • Label the boxes with colorful stickers or write in colorful markers in bold letters on the boxes.

The Right Way To Load A Moving Truck

When you have heaps of boxes of various size packed in front of you, the chances of getting damaged is higher. The right way of loading each box, wrapped furniture and appliances will make the shifting process much easier. There are some tips to load the items into the truck to have a safe move.

  • The prime concern dwells in your mind is in regards to the heaviest items. The oversize appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer, stove and so forth occupy a large space. Special attention is required when loading the heaviest appliances into the truck. The question strikes from where to start with? Keep all the heavy appliances in one place. Now, load these appliances slowly in the moving truck. Keep in mind to move them slowly with the help of three or four people. Do not be in haste to load boxes or other items at the same time. Let the oversize appliances be loaded carefully at first. When placing those appliances, ensure to place them in the upright position. While sliding the heavy objects onto the truck, make use of furniture padding to let the appliances easily slide inside the truck.
  • When your heavy items are securely placed inside the truck, focus your attention on the longer objects such as sofas, mattresses, table-tops, long mirrors and so forth. Load these objects next into the rented truck. The right position of the objects will prevent from breaking or falling. Hence, after loading the next set of objects inside the truck, make sure to properly place them in the upright position.
  • Coming next are the dismantle items such as bed frames, legs of the furniture and so on. You can also take lamp parts, poles, lamp bases, or any longer objects together at one place. These are the brittle items which tend to fall easily. Hence, put these items inside the carpet. Roll them carefully with a tape binding to it. Fixing the carpet with the help of a tape will keep the longer item secured in one place. Make a note of placing these longer items. Do not place them in the upright positions. Such longer items should be placed on the floor. Likewise, hold the carpet and place it on the floor in the moving truck.
  • Your heavy objects and longer items have made their place in the truck. Take a look at the large-size boxes which do not contain brittle items. Load these boxes over the top of the furniture and appliances. Placing the largest boxes on the edges of the furniture and appliances can lose the balance and the boxes might get imbalanced during the move. Hence, place them at the center of the appliances.
  • Now, turn to the lighter boxes. After placing the heavier boxes over the furniture and appliances, start stacking the lighter boxes on the top of the heavier boxes. While stacking them, put the boxes in a row. If you have a large number of lighter boxes, then stack one after the other in a row until they hit the ceiling of the moving truck.
  • If there are any fragile objects left to be loaded in the truck, then look for the space underneath tables, chairs and desks. Get hold of the remaining part of the boxes of fragile objects. Place them at the spots mentioned above.
  • Do you have any other boxes which contain non-fragile items? If yes, then keep those boxes on a bookshelf. For smaller boxes, a bookshelf is the apt place. Make use of every little space you get to see when loading your stuff.
  • Make use of the rented truck as much as possible. Do not place the items in such a way that they get squeezed. Leave some space in between the objects. Fill those gaps by fitting crumpled papers, linens and other leftover soft objects. A proper planning prevents poor performance. Hence, bear all the points in mind and load the objects into the truck with ease.

Get set to move.

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