20 Things To Keep In Mind On Your Moving Day


Getting all your stuff shifted to a new apartment is not an easy task. It takes years of hard work and patience to accumulate the household stuff and get your house organized. When you think of the home you have stayed for so long has to be vacated, the thought fills dismay in your heart. At the same time, you are enthralled for moving to a new location.

 The last ten weeks have been the busiest days of your life. Sorting and checking the items as per the checklist, hopping in the stores to get some old and new boxes for packing, gathering and arranging the packing boxes in order, hiring a rented truck, making appointments with your mover and so on. When there are countless things to keep in mind, it is obvious that you will tend to slip your mind to make a note of the vital points you need to follow on your moving day.

As the days passed by, you were too occupied in making arrangements for your move. Finally, your wait has come to an end. The day has arrived to delete the circle mark of your moving day from your calendar. Aside from listing and packing, there are many other things to be executed before you move. You need at least a day advance to your moving date in order to perform those much-needed things. If you are clueless what are those things that need to be executed on a day before your move or on your moving date, keep reading this article to learn about essential things you should keep in mind on the day before you leave your old home.

Few hours are left to leave your old abode. This is the time to check something very important things apart from your packing. Have a rundown on the points mentioned below.

1) Does your mover have all the necessary details of your contact numbers and address of your old and new home? If you have left to mention any point, then inform your mover right now. It is best to be on the safe side. Hence, give a reminder to your mover on the day before you move. Update your mover with the correct address, contact information and other information related with your moving.

2) By now, you must have disconnected the utility services of your old home. Still, run your eyes through the list of the disconnection of utility services. Your gas service, phone, cable, bank and other utility services must be cut off at your old home.

3) Remember, as soon as you vacate your old home, someone else is going to inhabit your home. Hence, do not carry along the keys with you. Have a walk in every room and take all the keys from drawers, closets, doors and mailbox. Keep the keys in the living room and in a place where it is easily visible to your new owner. If the home is to be handed over to the estate broker, then leave the keys to the person.

4) Do not keep the keys or any important documents of your new residence in a luggage that will be loaded in a rented truck. Carry the keys and documents along with you in your hand bag. Prevent hassles as much as you can. Do not get stuck for not being able to get keys or any documents need to be presented while entering your new home.

5) In the hustle-bustle of packing and loading, people tend to misplace the card of the new address. If you are engrossed with your mover in loading the household goods, then ask your friend or any of the family members to have the card of the new address with them. For your security, write down the address of your new location on a piece of paper and keep it in the hand bag. Also, make a note of driving directions and keep it handy with you.

6) If any items are left to be packed, start packing with the help of other numbers of your family to get the packing work done in no time.

7) After your movers arrive, show them the fragile items and other important items to be loaded in the truck. Brief them on how and in what manner your items should be loaded in the truck. It will help your mover to do the shifting procedures smoothly.

8) Do all the boxes contain appropriate labels? If not, then stick labels on the boxes or write in bold with colorful markers the names of the items that are placed inside the boxes. The apt names on the boxes will help you identify your items easily after you move to your new home.

9) On the day of your move, keep the boxes you plan to take in your car separately. The boxes which need to be transported in the moving truck should be set aside.

10) Keep the list of the items which is about to be loaded in the truck and the list of items which is about to be placed in your car.

11) When your objects are tagged by your mover, make sure you are present at the spot. If you are busy with other stuff on your moving day, ensure to send your family member with the mover when the moving items get tagged by your moving company. It might happen that your mover may have some queries regarding your belonging, your presence is required to clarify those queries.

12) Do you have spare copies of the paperwork in connection with the move? Do you have the inventory list with you in your file? If you have not yet taken, then make sure you have the original copies as well as the spare copies of the inventory list and paperwork with you.

13) Although you have made the process of address change and you have updated the new and old address in the local post office and to other offices of utility services, still you should keep updated about your new address to the new inhabitants and your landowner. Updating your new address to them will help you send the mails or couriers to your new location, if you do not receive your postal services in time at your new residence.

14) Amidst your hectic schedule on the moving day, do not slip your mind to charge your phones. Keep all the cell phones on charge in the morning. Do carry the chargers with you when you move. If your cell phone runs out of charge, the charger should be available on emergency.

15) The most common slip-ups people tend to do on the moving day is they keep the windows and doors unlocked. Before you step out of your home, make sure all the doors and windows are tightly shut off.

16) Have a quick glance to the taps of your home. Walk through the bathrooms, kitchen, washbasin to turn off the taps in order to prevent a mishap.

17) For pet and plant lovers, make sure your pets are not left behind. At the time of your move, people get so occupied in the moving task that they fail to notice the plants and pets of their home. Load the plants into the truck and take your pets along with you in your vehicle.

18) See to it that all the members of your family are moved in the vehicles.

19) Do not leave your old home in a messy condition. Clean the rooms before you leave.

20) Give words of thanks to the land owners when you handover the keys to them.

Have a happy stay at your new residence.

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