Six Security Issues that One Must Consider When Changing Address


Long ago people had larger families with at least 8 to 10 members at home, this is why the house has been never empty and hence the burglars did not get any opportunity to enter the house. However, time has changed and family structure has changed too. Today, there are only three or four members in a family. Therefore, when changing address the most important thing one must consider is security. After moving to a new address, the first step that you need is to secure your home with a proper security system as soon as possible.

Moving - Secure Home

1. Securing Entries by Changing Old Doors, Windows and Locks:

Single-family houses are more susceptible to burglary, approximately one-third of home burglaries happen because of an unlocked door or window. Therefore, the first things you need to do is to secure entries with high quality doors, windows, and locks. Residents who lived previously in your new home may have a copy of the keys for the lock. Thence, having a new door lock will be your first step towards securing your home.

2. Home Security Alarm System:

The second most important thing that one must consider is to install an alarm system. This system makes noise and calls for help when there is an intruder. Moreover, home security system also notifies authorities when someone uninvited enters and sets off alarm. Additionally, one can also look for glass-break detectors if your home has many glass panes that a burglar might smash easily. Many companies provide local alarm system, however, one must do some research online before hiring anyone.

3. Installing Motion Sensor Lights:

These lights detect motion when someone enters your area under the cover of darkness. Motion sensor lights illuminate portions of your home when needed. These outside lighting are one of the cheapest ways to secure your home that turns on automatically.

4. Surveillance Cameras:

Installing a surveillance system will give you peace of mind, especially on vacations that works as a hindrance to burglars. Video surveillance cameras are costly to install but it will give better sleep at night. Moreover, if you don’t have much money to spend on camera then you must consider installing one or two dummy cameras. A dummy camera may give an illusion of protection to an intruder and fright him away. However, a dummy camera can’t provide the proof of a burglary that occurred.

5. Dogs to Secure Your Home:

Dogs are the man’s best friend and worst enemy to thieves. The houses that kept dogs frighten away burglars. They even avoid houses that have dogs. As dogs, barks when someone enters secretly into your area become an effective obstacle to burglars. With a large dog, one may feel safer than smaller one. Large dogs can do bodily harm to burglars; therefore, they don’t even try to enter your home as dog’s barks are similar to an alarm system.

6. Trimming Your Yard:

Even motion sensor lights and security systems do not provide you safety if you don’t have a trimmed yard. Tall dense greenery such as thick trees near houses and shrubbery helps a burglar to hide for long despite the motion sensor lights. One must take look at the trees and shrubs and how they provide hiding places for someone. It is best to keep the shrubs and trees trimmed less than the bottom of window sills. Moreover, it is important to hire someone to trim your lawn, because a shaggy lawn may signify a burglar that people living in the house are on vacation.

Before moving to a new place, you should be in touch with a company that arranges an alarm system for your new place.

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