Five Things You May Forget When Changing Address


Changing an address is not an easy task; there are millions of things that you have to remember when moving to a new home. From moving huge stuffs to small bits of papers, one may forget some important items or documents along the way. However, there are five things that people often forget when they change address.

1. Notifying people about Change of address:

People often forget to notify their banks, employers, schools, government offices, family and friends about changing their address. It might be a pain and easy to forget about whom you told and whom not, but notifying everyone is very important. In the United States, it is important to notify the Tax office, and others likeElectoral office kind of offices about changing address.

2. Collecting Personal Records:

change of address post officePeople often forget to collect their records before moving to a new address. Picking up records from different offices such as medical, veterinarian, dental and vaccines, some other useful list includes from the pharmacist and copies of prescriptions as well. In addition, some medical centers and pharmacies even transfer your medical records to the new physician in your new address that set-up a pre-permission before you leave. Moreover, after moving to a new address if one of your family members falls ill, it will be very convenient to be sent the records from your old practitioner to the new one. Some other records include a portfolio of your child’s education, personal records, etc.

3. Some Hidden Valuables and Spare Keys:  

While changing address one of the most common things that people forget is their keys and different type of valuables. When it comes to moving day, one may have to remember many things and in this rush, one could easily forget to take the keys and hidden valuables. This is why, before moving, make an effort to visit all the secret places where you have hidden valuables. People mostly keep a spare key of house and car hidden outside. This is why; one must make sure to collect all hidden keys and valuable items that are easy to forget because they are seldom used.

4. Addresses and Phone Numbers:

Even if we know that, it is easy to get someone’s addresses and phone numbers such as doctors, dentists or bank officials through telephone directories and internet. Still, our memory is not good enough to remember the name of every important doctor, teacher, financial officer or banker, etc. It is important to keep a list of people that one may need at the time of emergency. One should also keep a list of colleagues, old business and friends contacts. Many people take a phone book with them or sometime just take a list of names and contact information with them in a diary.

5. Mail, New Address and Contact Information:

Even though we live in the world of email, but still we keep a track of our mailbox for daily mails. Register your new address with the post office and change address of other subscriptions too. One of the most important tasks is to keep a copy of your contact information and new address all the time. Label every luggage and boxes with marker pen with your name and address. Mark boxes that have fragile items, choose a reliable moving company that load, and unload your stuffs carefully. Moreover, make sure that the moving company has your new address and directions to get there.

When changing address one must remember few other things too, such as cleaning up the house, checking the house again to make sure it’s empty and no stray item is left, etc. Planning and little thought are all you need so that you do not make the same mistake as other people do while changing address.

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