4 Ways To Battle Cutlure Shock In A New Country


Moving can be tough on a person as it means adapting to a new environment. This problem exists in a more compounded form when you move to a new country. When you move inside your own country, you are still in familiar territory. Your new lifestyle may be different but in essence, it remains the same. But a new country is an entirely new ball game. You suddenly find yourself in a land that does not speak the same language as you, where the food is nothing like you are used to and neither is the climate. You don’t know anyone there and you are all alone in a place you have no ties to. Relocating to another country, in practical terms, can be potentially depressing and discouraging. However, there are ways of fitting in and making the transition to a new country can be turned into a positive exercise instead of condemning it as a negative experience. The novelty of such a situation is known as culture shock and these are some of the ways of battling it:

Culture Shock

Stay connected

When you find yourself recently settled in a new country it is quite obvious to feel alone and despondent. You don’t know the language, neither do you know anyone there and your options of socialising and meeting people are very limited. However, instead of letting that get you down, stay connected to the people you love back home. It might not be the same as being with them but it does help with all those early lonely days. Communication has become so advanced that staying in contact with your friends and relatives on a daily basis is no hassle at all. This can keep your spirits up until the time you do start meeting people in the new country you now call home.


There is the option of GPS but nothing beats familiarizing yourself with a place by just walking around. It is very crucial to explore your new surroundings as it teaches you more about the place you live in.


Carry items from home

Once you’ve moved to a new country, you come face to face with a new culture at very moment of your life there. In such a situation, it is only natural to feel alienated and rootless. You don’t identify with the way of life there and it’s going to take time to become acquainted and fit into this new culture. For such moments, when you feel disconnected from the people around you, it is handy to have memorabilia from home to remind you that you do belong. Not only do such items make you feel a part of something but they can also be comforting. Placing photographs of your loved ones around your home can be reassuring and at the same time reinforce the fact that you can start your life anew here too.

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Learn the language

The worst kind of culture shock that you can face in a country you’ve just moved to is not knowing the language. Living in a place where you don’t know what the people around you are saying can be confusing and unsettling. So, even before you move to a new country, you should try to pick up a few necessary phrases and sentences. Once you’re actually living there you should not neglect learning their language properly. Not only does it make it easier for you to fit in but all the people around you will appreciate it too.


Explore your new surroundings

Relocating to a new country means you are in unknown territory. You don’t know where anything is; neither do you know how the city is planned or how anything works. There is the option of GPS but nothing beats familiarising yourself with a place by just walking around. It is very crucial to explore your new surroundings as it teaches you more about the place you live in. Over time, you even learn enough to go around on your own and quickly too if necessary. Learning the ins and outs of your new city can take away some of the shock from living in a new place and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

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